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Real estate transactions are often complex. Our attorneys have handled over a thousand real estate closings, represented clients in numerous real estate matters in court and before administrative tribunals, and worked with individuals, business and developers in addressing their real estate legal issues. No matter what your real estate legal needs are, the Bielski Chapman, Ltd. team has the experience, training and attention to personalized service that is required to protect your real estate interests

Residential Closing Services

Although every real estate closing is unique, our services will generally include the following:

  • Reviewing your contract, making all necessary legal modifications to protect your interests, and discuss any questions you may have;
  • Working with your realtors, lenders, insurance agents and other professionals to finalize the deal;
  • Conducting negotiations on your behalf during the attorney approval period;
  • Explaining contract contingencies and monitor deadlines, with your help, to make sure those contingencies are met;
  • Coordinating and scheduling your closing;
  • Attending the closing and go over the closing documents with you; and,
  • Assisting you with post-closing matters.

Residential Closing Services for Sellers

For sellers, our services will also include:

  • Ordering your survey and required association documents, if required;
  • Obtaining a pay-off statement for your existing loans, if required;
  • Ordering and reviewing title insurance for your Property and address issues to clear routine title matters;
  • Ordering city stamps, water readings, tax bills, and other conditions required by various governmental agencies;
  • Reviewing and prorating real estate taxes;
  • Reviewing and making suggestions concerning your final closing figures and forwarding those to the title closer; and,
  • Preparing conveyance documents and other closing documents necessary to complete the transaction.

Residential Closing for Buyers

For purchasers, our services will also generally include:

  • Discussing mortgage financing options and mortgage contingencies, if applicable;
  • Reviewing and negotiating inspection contingency conditions; and,
  • Reviewing and explaining loan documents.
  • Much of our work will entail arranging the closing and monitoring the progress of your transaction so that you and the other members of the team may have the transaction proceed as smoothly as possible.

Commercial Closing Services

Bielski Chapman, Ltd. has experience in handling commercial deals as low as $10,000.00 and in excess of $30,000,000.00. Whether you are purchasing a warehouse for your business, selling a multi-unit residential investment property, buying office space, or other commercial transaction, we have the experience to take the matter to closing.

Bielski Chapman, Ltd. often counsels individuals and businesses in all aspects of a commercial transaction, including:

  • Reviewing and negotiating Letters of Intent;
  • Negotiating the contract;
  • Reviewing and negotiating due diligence contingencies;
  • Reviewing and negotiating title and survey issues;
  • Reviewing and negotiating lender documents; and,
  • Reviewing environmental contingencies.

Commercial Lease Review and Drafting

Bielski Chapman, Ltd. routinely reviews and drafts commercial leases for landlords and tenants. For many businesses, the lease is often the most significant risk that they take on. For landlords, teaming with competent counsel is critical to promoting and protecting their business. Bielski Chapman, Ltd. has vast experience in retail leases, ground leases, office leases, subleases, build-to-suit leases, and industrial leases.

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