Estate Planning for LGBTQ Clients in Illinois and New York

Bielski Chapman, Ltd. offers expert estate planning services for LGBTQ individuals, couples and poly families in Illinois and New York. Our services are designed to address the unique legal concerns and difficulties faced by this community in protecting their assets, receiving gender affirming care, and securing the rights of their family.

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    Why Choose Bielski Chapman, Ltd. to Protect Your Legacy

    LGBTQ-Owned and Staffed

    Bielski Chapman, Ltd. is owned and staffed by LGBTQ folx and allies who understand the needs of LGBTQ families in estate planning matters. We know the laws and regulations specific to Illinois and New York, ensuring that your estate plan is aligned with the latest legal requirements and protections. Our legal team knows the unique challenges faced by LGBTQ individuals, couples, and poly families, and we are ready to ensure your estate plans meet those specific needs.

    Comprehensive Estate Planning

    Our estate planning services cater to the specific needs of LGBTQ individuals and couples. We provide a diverse range of services, focusing on:

    • Wills
    • Trusts
    • Advance health directives
    • Powers of attorney

    We can help you create a comprehensive estate plan that includes provisions for protecting your family, guardianship for children, planning for the care of your pets, and meeting philanthropic goals that reflect your values.

    Protect Your Privacy and Confidentiality

    We understand that estate planning is a sensitive matter. Our attorneys understand the need for privacy, especially for LGBTQ individuals who may face concerns related to their personal lives and identities. You can trust that your personal information and estate planning details will remain secure and confidential.

    Navigate the Evolving Legal Landscape

    At Bielski Chapman, Ltd., our team keeps up with the ever-changing laws and regulations regarding LGBTQ rights and estate planning. We ensure your estate plan is always current and compliant with new developments affecting your rights and protections.

    Contact an LGBTQ Estate Planning Attorney Today

    Secure your legacy and protect your loved ones by taking the first step today. The estate planning team at Bielski Chapman, Ltd. is owned and staffed by LGBTQ folx and allies who are ready to provide you with guidance, expertise, and personalized attention.

    Schedule a consultation now to create a comprehensive estate plan that reflects your unique circumstances and values. You can request a consultation by calling our office at (312) 583-9430 to discuss your estate planning needs.