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    • When to Hire a Probate Attorney in Illinois

      The loss of a loved one is a difficult time, and on top of emotional burdens, there are often legal matters to address. In Illinois, probate is the court process that oversees the administration of an estate, ensuring debts are settled and assets are distributed according to the deceased’s wishes (or by state law if…

    • Minimizing Probate Costs in Illinois

      After a person passes away, there are situations where their estate will enter into probate. During this time, the court will administer and distribute the deceased’s assets and pay off any debts. While it is often necessary, probate can be a costly and time-consuming process.  However, there are strategies you can use to reduce these…

    • Contesting a Will in Illinois

      Challenging a will is never an easy process. Many times, family members and other interested parties will question the validity of the will. As you can imagine, that leads to plenty of legal concerns and family challenges. However, this document must be authentic and respect the wishes of the decedent. If you want to know…

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