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    • Adult & Minor Guardianship FAQs

      Many jurisdictions across the country have provisions for those who want to apply to be a guardian for a minor child or an adult. Proceeding through this process can be complicated. However, with the help of an attorney, you can understand all the benefits and challenges of gaining guardianship of another individual. Here are a…

    • How to Navigate the Probate Process in Illinois

      After someone dies, their assets go through a process known as probate. With that, the courts will ensure that their will is valid, along with identifying and distributing the property. Often, it can be lengthy and time-consuming.  How can you better prepare yourself to navigate the probate process in Illinois? Here are a few tips:…

    • Is Probate Required in Illinois?

      After someone passes away, their estate may end up in probate. Generally, this process involves ensuring that the deceased individual’s will is valid. The court will also identify and distribute their property to the person’s heirs. Many people want to avoid these proceedings because they are lengthy and costly. Is probate required in Illinois? Here…

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