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    • Contesting a Will in Illinois

      Challenging a will is never an easy process. Many times, family members and other interested parties will question the validity of the will. As you can imagine, that leads to plenty of legal concerns and family challenges. However, this document must be authentic and respect the wishes of the decedent. If you want to know…

    • The Importance of Asset Protection

      When it comes time to plan your estate, it is more than just drafting a will or deciding who gets your personal belongings. You need a strategy to manage your assets and ensure a smooth transition after you pass away. However, one aspect is often overlooked: asset protection. Let’s look at the importance of asset…

    • Probate Administration for Small Estates

      Not all estates have to go through a long and complicated probate process. If the estate is small, there are court procedures that can avoid those longer legal battles. Many times, this occurs when the deceased individual does not own many assets.  If you would like to learn more about probate administration for small estates,…

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